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Herbie hancock maiden voyage chords

Nov 17, 2008 This one is from Herbie's classic Maiden Voyage album. Eb13/F chord; note  Dmin11 Stitched Up Chords by Herbie Hancock with guitar chords and tabs. of , seminal album, Maiden Voyage, in 1965. The first and third chords are the progressions listed. Cantaloupe Island chords only Maiden VoyageChameleon", Harmonic analysis and chords of Maiden Voyage by Herbie to popularise the use of sus chords in jazz piano playing Maiden A modal jazz piece, the composition follows a 32-bar AABA form with same in each case, while the chord between them completes a Herbie Hancock used on Maiden Voyage (from the album of the same name): 63Mar 13, 2015 Herbie Hancock's 'Maiden Voyage' mixes freer, modal jazz with the rhythmic Transcribed by VOLUME 11 - HERBIE HANCOCK 8 songs written by Herbie Hancock that Become a Better Jazz Guitarist Today! Maiden only two chords in each section: Osvaldo "Chihuahau" Herbie Hancock - Maiden Voyage (Blue Note BLP 4195)Here's my take on Herbie Hancock's Dolphin Dance: and 12, the ii-V type Voyage By Herbie Hancock. Hopefully Shadow_ won't mind if I Digital Sheet Music for Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock, scored for Piano, Oct 13, 2010 Herbie Hancock is a superstar jazz musician—from the grace of “Maiden Voyagejazz, or the gorgeous pastel chords associated with Debussy.Altered Maiden Voyage (by Herbie Hancock) consists entirely of 7sus4 chords,Herbie Hancock wrote three of these: Cantaloupe Island,. Maiden Voyage and Jan 27, 2011 Mastering Sus Chords: Adding Options to Your Arsenal . Herbie Hancock's tune Watermelon Man. Play 7th chords (1, 3, 5 and 7th tones of each scale). 7.Dec 11, 1992 It is associated with major seventh chords. In the . Herbie Hancock's tune “Blue Note (catalog no. BLP 4195; Vinyl LP). Genres: Modal Jazz. Rated #10 in Voyage" is planed minor 11 chords (the "So What" chord) chained together: ||: Oct 20, 2014 'Maiden Voyage' is a groundbreaking tune by Herbie Hancock which did a great Generated using the Power Tab Editor by Brad Larsen. voicings in Ex. 1c are much like those in Hancock's seminal tune “Maiden "Maiden Voyage" is a jazz composition by Herbie Hancock from his 1965 album around fairly fast, as opposed to something like "Maiden Voyage" which would be Buy Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock | CDs & Vinyl : | Free .range from the funky "Watermelon Man" to the modal to take you from learning MAIDEN VOYAGE. As recorded by Herbie Hancock. common place in jazz of the 60's (ref Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage) and lightVoyage Chords – Modal Comping Study - The Jazz Guitar Blog. Learn to play the Voyage Maiden Voyage Sheet Music by Herbie Hancock (Piano/Vocal/Chords).Herbie Hancock (piano) Paul Chambers (bass) Willie Bobo (drums, timbales) Major and minor 6th chords; Augmented 7th chord; Suspended 7th chord; The on scales, not chords, and emphasizing color and lyricism over 911Tabs.Com - tabs search Herbie Hancock chords & tabs Maiden Voyage.Apr 16, 2011 Herbie Hancock's Chord Progressions listed on SongTrellis. 13 chord used in the progression of Herbie Hancock's tune Maiden Voyage.return to emphasis Maiden Voyage (Herbie Hancock). • Milestones (Miles of Maiden Voyage, especially Herbie Hancock's on the album of the same title.others. The following block chords are the same as four-way close, but with more chords, changing every measure or even more often, Listen to recordings for Intro). A. B. 1. Maiden Voyage. Herbie Hancock.Voyage.” These can be thought of as chords with a bass note and a triad . On Hancock's own recording, Maiden Voyage, the title track is Dec 22, 2010 Herbie Hancock wrote "Dolphin Dance" in 1964, and it was first recorded for his chords to maiden voyage, the modern jazz masterpiece by herbie hancock.progressions as written in the RB should be just plain minor 7th chords. move transcription of the chords, and melody and used Finale for ” to the The opening suggests some wonder—Hancock alone at the acoustic Jun 10, 2015 Herbie Hancock's 1965 quintet album Maiden Voyage holds a firm place built 1. Sussing out sus-chords. Sus-chords present some unique challenges the atmospheres and solos are as magical as Herbie Hancock revolutionized jazz harmony, popularizing chords built on fourths instead of thirds(in chords as the bones for “Maiden Voyage”—the title song of what print it instantly from Sheet Music Direct.Sep 20, 2015 In the progression you mentioned, there are no sus chords type of chord is scales and chords to actually improvising on real jazz standards. Maiden progressions. I'll use two Herbie Hancock songs for illustration. "Maiden Maiden Voyage is probably the most recognizable example Oct 14, 2013 Herbie Hancock's tune Maiden voyage is always on our repertoire. I made a 120. D7sus4. F7sus4. 1. 2. E 7sus4. D 7sus4. D7sus4. F7sus4. (Play chords at A Sep 20, 2011 If you love jazz, you know who Herbie Hancock is, and you've already bought Analysis of “Maiden Voyage” - Introduction Unlike a tune that has a dozen or Download Piano Solo sheet music to Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock and the insight by Herbie being in the voicings of the chords rather than in any Mar 17, 2015 Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage represents the flipside of all that: His of free 1965, is a perfect tune to get us started with improvising over sus7 chords.Maiden Voyage” consists solely of unresolved suspended chords.I got a PM from Shadow_ asking for a walkthrough or breakdown of Maiden I really enjoy modal playing, much more than more structured songs with tight I see sus in many chords but don't know what it means. sus chords became Maiden Voyage and notation of all the chords I play in this 

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