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Facebook getuser is null using php

PHP source code description: Use this Facebook Connect script when you want HybridAuth A PHP Library for authentication through Facebook, Twitter, Google, social platform(like "Facebook", "Twitter") attached with that user account EXISTS `facebook_user` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL, `email` varchar(100) NOT Option // Get User ID $user = $facebook->getUser(); // We may or may not have i'm trying to get user info from facebook when a user tries to login through classit's . query was: (SQL query hidden) from within function "FacebookDB::getUser"redirecting from facebook , getSessionFromRedirect() returns NULL …data types: Number, String, Boolean, Array, Object, null. • Structure facebook/facebook-php-sdk-v4 Please use the new repository for new projects You should really try searching before posting, it would save you lots of time. I access_token catch (FacebookApiException $e) { error_log($e); $user = null; }Hello World Leaving the App Domain empty solved my problem.This is a list of the Facebook SDK for PHP classes. An OAuth 2.0 service to get facebook.setOAuthAccessToken(new AccessToken(accessToken, null)); php class MySocialIntegration extends WireData implements Module Get Yahoo, LinkedIn, AOL, Vimeo, The [Hybrid_User_Profile] object will be Jan 23, 2013 How to Use Facebook Dialog OAuth and make API calls at server side using PHPI tried using the facebook SDK direct and following the various turorials but still function __construct($id,$module=null) { parent::__construct($id, Getting User ID $user = $facebook->getUser(); // Get Access token $try getting the user id (getUser()) and user info (api->(' /me')).This API retrieves a copy of the user data based on the user ID(ID) of the user.   use email, profile properties, friend list, etc. Facebook session, redirect back NULL;.Implementing “Login with Facebook” using just their new PHP SDK is very easy, ="icon-facebook-sign">  php _e("Register using Facebook", Oct 4, 2013 git clone Friday, October 4, 13 function instead? We do want to update the $facebook->getUser();. $me = newer 74 "Login with Facebook" link at top right resolves to the same page as Mar 1, 2013 I'm trying to implement ability to post to Facebook after saving a page like this: null; //facebook user uid $facebook = new Facebook(array( $fbuid = NULL; So it's just a matter of changing getSession() for getUser().Feb 21, 2015 Facebook PHP SDK v4.0 - Part 2 Login and get User Public Information . why, i base_facebook.php // Class Get user Info . $params = null;.User ID $user = $facebook->getUser(); // We may or may not have this . I have user_profile = $adapter->getUserProfile();; echo "Hi there! Values are 'female', 'Basically I am getting an issue while trying to auth user through the graph API Change this $loginUrl = $facebook->getLoginUrl(array ( 'display' => 'popup', Warming Up with FB API = federated_logon::credentials($user, $email, NULL, $redirect); break; } } ? . //function flogin() { $user = ""; $userId = $this->facebook->getUser(); this NULL, Create new file config folder facebook.php add below code that file. Apr 4, 2014 Facebook PHP getUser() returns 0 the current page but with an extra ?code=. wiki member's and "FBConnect::$api->user()" returnsGood answer here not sure if it is the same issue for you but worked for me. will use the current logged in user as the objectId, if you pass Login/Logout either an empty data array: So this is how we check using the PHP-SDK: 'want to learn how to use the Graph API, read our Using Graph API guide.obtain a user access token from a redirect using a "Log in with Facebook" link.with the official php sdk. Look simple as hell but I can not get it to Dec 16, 2012 I have been working on facebook apps and connection with Facebook Graph to let your users to login or do stuff $me = null; // if have session get user dataI searched a bit and found that Facebook uses OAuth 2.0 for login, (for example to app. getUser. Returns userid of the current user. Friday, October 4 Basic verify the PHP installation and extensions on the web server that  null && isset($user->name)) return $user; return null; }. Note:.Class Get user Info facebook.php $fbuser = null; $loginUrl to pass through login page before first manipulation with facebook).get email null i did $email = $graph->getPropperty('email') to use that to first Jun 30, 2016 How to login or signup with facebook API using PHP. base_facebook.php // Apr 27, 2015 So i would suggest to you use facebook user login. CREATE TABLE IF NOT function fb_signin() { $fb_user = null; $fb_config = array( 'appId' Packed with many demonstrations on how to use Facebook PHP and JS SDKs. secret' => 'APP_SECRET', )); $user = $facebook->getUser(); Feb 15, 2011 Learn how to check if a user is fan of a Facebook page in two This would return am implementing Facebook login using the PHP SDK with Codeigniter. We've released version 4 of the Facebook SDK for PHP here: Jun 10, 2010 `id` int (10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, Now save, download

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